12 Days of Calendars | July12/19/2014

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | 2015 Calendar | Portland, Oregon Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer


This might be my favorite image in the calendar because of the way it feels. It also reminds me of that personal, human connection we should have to our food. So many of us eat without understanding where our food was grown, who grew it, and how it got to our plate. Maybe I also love this image because of the memory it holds. This is my friend Caitlin, clasping a bouquet of lettuce from the Cottonwood Farm in Dolorous, Colorado. (Hi Tucker and Alison!) It was a hot, dry day and I’d spent hours harvesting produce for the next day’s market. We ended the day picking lettuce, garlic, and carrots for our own kitchens. Tired from the day’s work, we sat around a picnic table in the dwindling sunlight eating tacos and drinking cocktails. It was that good kind of tired, like getting out of the shower after a long hiking trip; the kind of tired that feels rewarding.  There are still plenty of calendars for sale! To purchase click HERE! Part of the proceeds from each calendar sold benefits the National Farm to School Network! This is an organization that benefits everyone (the farmer, the school, the young minds, and YOU) by spreading information on local food sourcing and food and agriculture education in school systems across the country.



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