12 Days of Calendars | September12/21/2014

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | 2015 Calendar | Portland, Oregon Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer


I snapped a quick photo of these sexy pears on a walk through the Manhattan farmers market with my older sister, Chelsey. Aren’t the colors pretty? I remember that day well. We had gone to the market to pick up a Thanksgiving turkey she had reserved from a local farm. We carried him in a bag, head and all, all over the city, including a quick jaunt through Forever21 where Chels bought a new dress. When I shop locally for my food, the experience is often part of the reward.

These calendars are the gift that keeps on giving. Support an artist, donate to a good cause, and buy a calendar! To purchase click HERE! For each calendar sold, $5 will be donated to the National Farm to School Network!


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