12 days of calendars | November12/23/2014

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | 2015 Calendar | Portland, Oregon Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer


I took this picture while visiting a farm somewhere outside of Dolores, Colorado. I say “somewhere” because I followed a friend there on a very cold winter evening at dusk and after one winding dirt road after another they all started to look the same. It was muddy and cold, but I was promised wine and butternut squash lasagna so I made the trek. My friend was house sitting for these people who had an earthship home, goats, and a beautiful plot of land. They were very self sustainable in that they used a lot of solar energy, made goat cheese and goat milk soap, grew a huge garden and canned everything. During my 24 hour stay I learned how to milk a goat, which is a lot more difficult than it looks. This image of cherries makes me want an ice cream sundae, or a manhattan (and I don’t even like whiskey.) Some day I’d like to have a garden so big that my root seller is full of a canned harvest for the cold winter months. To purchase a calendar click HERE! Calendars will not arrive before Christmas, but are a wonderful start to planning a new year of adventures in 2015! Part of the proceeds from each calendar sold benefits the National Farm to School Network!


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