Autocrats (and other dudes that ruled)

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | Scott Dye making art at home | lifestyle photography

Last week I was sitting on a bar stool at our kitchen counter drinking my coffee. Sunlight was streaming through every window in our house, the way it does every morning (my favorite time of day to be at home.) Scott sat across from me at his desk working diligently on last minute finishing touches to some pieces for his solo show. The sliding door behind him was open, Daphnie walking in and out at her leisure. Though we're extremely happy, our lives have felt non-stop lately and I've been feeling the physical effects of the stress. We keep saying, "I can't wait for July." Who are we kidding though, July will probably fly by just as quick as June. But somewhere in the fast-forward mode of summer, I was able to sit quietly in that moment on my kitchen bar stool and realize that life is how it should be and instead of wishing away June, that I should be present and appreciate these seconds right in front of me.


I said to Scott in a someday, one-day-in-the-future kind of tone, "This is how I want our life to be."

He lifted his paintbrush from the paper and with a cheesy grin said, "Excellent! Because this is how it is!"


I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture. I wanted to remember our lives right then in that moment.

Scott's solo show is TONIGHT!! It's so satisfying to see it come together and be REAL after months and months of preparation. I think he and I both are more excited about this body of work he's created than we have been on anything else in a long time. So, if you're in Durango tonight please come by to have a beer and look at original works full of both history and whimsey. You won't regret it.

What:      Autocrats (and Other Dudes That Ruled) featuring 54 new paintings by Scott Dye

Where:    Studio&  1027 Main Ave. Durango, CO. (across the street from Carver Brewing co.)

When:     5:00-9:00pm