HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | Daydreams of Daphnie | Durango, Colorado | photos by HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | Daydreams of California | Durango, Colorado | photos by HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | Daydreams  | Durango, Colorado | photos by  

1.  My old view from my desk. I got a lot less work done when Daphnie was near. I'd watch her watching nothing. It brought me so much comfort to see her being a dog.

2. Finding a camp site above the clouds with Claire in Big Sur, California this June. We literally drank an entire bottle of wine we opened with a car key and slept above the clouds.

3. Coffee in bed. red toenails. cuddles with Daphnie.

I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer, to say the least. All of the above photos were taken with my iphone.