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HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | The Pros and Cons of Short Hair | Durango, Colorado Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer


"Wow! You are SO brave."

This is the most common reaction I get from chopping my long hair into a pixie cut. I always saw bravery as something associated with skydiving, storm chasing, and fighting hand-to-hand combat in a war. I think Cheryl Strayed is brave for hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone. I think people with no legs who run marathons are brave. I think my sister is brave for talking in front of hundreds of people at live Moth events. (twice!) I think my mom is brave for leaving her marriage years ago. And lets not forget people who get tattoos. (I want one so bad but, ouch!) I never thought I'd be saying this, but it's just hair, people. It grows back. It's not brave, it's called letting go.

So, because I continue to get a lot of questions about short hair, I decided to write a few things about my experience in case you're thinking about taking the leap, or because you want to live vicariously through me and you're too scared to do it yourself! Hopefully this will help you to loosen up and just go for it! I think every woman should do this at least once in her life.

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | The Pros and Cons of Short Hair | Durango, Colorado Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer


I feel more like a woman with hardly any hair than I did with lots of hair.

I don't wash it much. It looks best on day two or three of dirty!

No more hair ties, curling irons, straight irons, or hair dryers. (not even really a hair brush!)

I use less shampoo, which saves $$

Short haircuts highlight your face and eyes

People want to play with your hair and give you more scalp massages

The process is invigorating and liberating! It's literally a weight off of your shoulders that can be very emotionally freeing.

Your boyfriend will probably love it.

Camping friendly.

Bed head has never worked so well in my favor.

Accessories are more fun (scarfs, earrings, and hats!)

If you work in food service, you don't have to pull your hair back.

Personally, I feel like this haircut fits my personality and my face better than all of the hairstyles I've had in the past. Try it, you might be surprised!


I have to get my hair trimmed more often, which is expensive. So far, to not look too shabby or to prevent a mullet, I go to the salon every 2 months.

You might get mistaken for a boy if you like to wear flannel and are looking down and sitting a certain way (true story.)

I have to put product in my hair to give it volume and texture. There are many brands, but so far I like this one.

No more braids, curls, top knots, and bouncy ponytails.