Ben + Jenn | Spring Maternity Portraits | Portland, OR.

I'm starting to think I attract tough, strong minded women as clients. The kind of clients who are sweet-as-can-be but when it comes down to business, they don't mind getting their wedding dress wet (or covered in blood!), breaking a sweat, jumping off bridges, or in Jenn's case - wearing a sundress in the freezing cold rain (and smiling the entire time, mind you.) If this is attraction is true, then I'm going to proudly say I'm doing something right because people like this are inspiring to be around and exactly the adventurous type that I want in front of my camera.

Congratulations to these two on the expectation of their first child! I was honored to spend a rainy Saturday with them at Laurelhurst Park and in the comfort of their home. These images document a fleeting moment in their lives that is worth celebrating. Yay for Spring babies!

Flower crown by Broadway Floral.

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