Brianna + Matt | Portland courthouse wedding & MT Hood backyard bash

It rained non-stop on the day of Brianna & Matt's wedding but never once did I hear either of them (or their guests) complain. Through the ceremony and portraits everyone just laughed and threw on a rain jacket. The reception got moved inside, which included Matt & Brianna's much-rehearsed Dirty Dancing routine. (She even had her dress custom made to replicate the swingy, pink one worn by "Baby" in the movie's epic final scene.) It was in this cramped living room of a vacation rental home near Mt. Hood that they drank cider, shared homemade pie, let the dogs loose on the dance floor, and ate their first meal (burgers & hot dogs) as man and wife for the first time. It was casual. It was fun. It was wet. It was so, so perfect. It was why I love small weddings at home because they are less about perfection and more about the heart. I often become friends with my couples, and with these two it's been no exception. Matt & Brianna are so much more than my friends though, they are role models for what I want to have with a partner. They are eachothers' best friend and have an easiness about they way they communicate and share their life that I admire so damn much. Happy anniversary you two. I'm so happy for you.  xoxo



The day before their wedding, Brianna & Matt had a courthouse ceremony and asked me to come along instead of photographing their rehearsal that night. I LOVE courthouse ceremonies and loved the extra opportunity to get a few portraits of them outside of their wedding day. If you are planning your wedding consider this an option!