Ana & Ian | Washington County Courthouse Wedding

Courthouse weddings don't have to be drab, especially when your courthouse is beautiful (like the Washington County courthouse), you request an outside ceremony with the judge (I didn't even know you could do that, did you?!) or, when your bride and groom show up looking dapper as hell. Ian and Ana hired me for two hours and we made some magic together on a smoky, hot day in September. A huge wildfire nearby was burning and so the air smelled like a campfire and the light was softened with an orange hue. There were even ashes falling, dusting the men's coat jackets during the ceremony. I'm so happy for these two and so glad I got to spend time with them on their wedding day! Small weddings are the absolute best.

Peter + Richard | UK Wedding Anniversary

These guys are two of my favorite people on this planet. Hands down. I can't believe it was one year ago that I was in England, be-bopping around in their little car visiting one charming English town after another. More importantly I can't believe it was one year ago that I earned the title "International Photographer Extraordinaire to the Gays." Such an honor. But seriously, Happy Anniversary Peter and Richard. I can't wait until our next adventure!

HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | England, United Kingdom Destination Wedding photographerHAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | England, United Kingdom Destination Wedding | Peter and Richard 1) My favorite photo of just the two of them on their wedding day.

2) Picking me up from the airport in London. The sign reads "International Photographer Extraordinaire." The "gay" bit was added later.

3) Peter, frantically on his way to get married, hammer in hand. I can't explain this one. It's just awesome.



HAILEYKING PHOTOGRAPHY | 2015 Calendar | Portland, Oregon Wedding, Food, and Lifestyle photographer

If you thought even for a moment about buying one of my absolutely gorgeous, farm to table style calendars and you is your chance to snatch one up for a crazy awesome, inexpensive price! I have a handful left and they need to go to happy homes! AND not only are they on sale, but shipping is FREE and I'm still donating $5 for every calendar sold to the National Farm to School Network.  (The National Farm to School Network is a kick-ass organization that advocates for and works to bring local food sourcing and education into schools and preschools across the country.)

The calendars are printed on FSC (Forest Service Certified) earth friendly, heavy duty card stock by my friends over at Fresh Off the Press in Durango, CO. Each calendar page is 13" x 6.5" and has squares to write on, burlap twine for easy hanging, and features 12 original photographs taken on farms and kitchens all over the country. Easily remove each page when the month is over and cut the image off to frame as a print in your home or use as a note card!