coming out of hibernation + NEW BLOG!

I feel like a bear, waking up to spring, hungry and ready to explore the world with rested eyes. It would seem to you guys like I've been hibernating from photography and the internet for longer than just one winter's season. I haven't been blogging much or sharing a lot of new work on Facebook. Part of this hibernation is due to my preparation and excitement to share this new website and blog with you! The other part is that I've felt a little lack luster and uninspired. But I'm here today to say welcome and that I am so, so excited to be here. This space is my new creative home and I'd like to invite you to come in and stay a while. I spent the last 5 years sharing my personal and photography journey on THIS BLOG. It's packed full of stories, weddings I photographed, and so many pictures from my life as a photographer. That old blog isn't going anywhere, so please hop over and check it out if you haven't already. And while you're at it, add this new blog to your bookmarks and subscribe to follow me on Bloglovin or any of your preferred blog following sites.

And contrary to hibernation rumors I've actually been quite busy. Just in time for the new year, I left my tiny hobbit hole I called home for 2 years...

HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | Hobbit Hole Tiny House by Hailey King

...and I moved into this big one, with THIS GUY. (Popcorn ceilings and all.)


My mom came to visit just in time for holiday celebrations.

HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | Mom & my dog Daphnie

THEN, I cut off more than half of my long locks of hair. (iphone photo)


I had a product photo shoot with Serpentine and this stunning model.

HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | Serpentine Jewelry photoshoot - Durango, ColoradoHAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | Serpentine Jewelry photoshoot - Durango, Colorado

AND I photographed my first international, same-sex wedding with these two handsome guys in March.

HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | Peter + Richard's England wedding by Hailey King

And visited Paris with my sister after the wedding.(YAY!)


Stay tuned. I have A LOT to catch you up on and tons of pictures to start sharing. Thanks for stopping by.

xoxo Hailey