toasted coconut margaritas

I've never been one to make mixed drinks at home. Moscow mules and mojitos are my most common libation besides wine and beer, but those are so easy I'm not even sure they qualify. So, Sunday night when I saw THIS recipe from the gals over at A Beautiful Mess, I immediately pinned the recipe for this summer. We do have a covered patio at our new house, perfect for entertaining and enjoying a margarita on a warm evening. But, Scott had a better idea. Why wait for summer when we could make it right then? Within 10 minutes we were in the car headed to the liquor store for ingredients. I like the way he thinks. HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | toasted coconut margarita


When it comes to coconuts, I'm obsessed. I honestly don't know anyone (besides my best friend Claire in Montana) who quite possibly likes them more than me. I thought of her as I sipped my margarita last night. (Yes, we made them again.) I had come across this old photo of her that day from two years ago when we met up in Florida to shoot a wedding. I thought about how much snow she's currently buried under and how I couldn't wait to meet up again this June in San Fransisco to shoot our 5th wedding together! I love that photography is what keeps us connected year after year. Well, photography, adventures, and coconuts of course.


HAILEY KING PHOTOGRAPHY | | beach portraits

Cheers to you dear friend. See you soon!